Bryson DeChambeau can call himself the world’s sixth longest driver and the seventh best golfer after the 28-year-old managed to reach the quarter finals of the 2021 World Long Driving Championship held in Las Vegas.

DeChambeau, whose longest drive of the tournament was a 412-yard effort achieved on the opening day of the event, was able to reach the 400-yard mark nine times.

DeChambeau said: “I thought I’d make it to the round of 32, but getting to final top eight is pretty sweet. To say you’re one of the top 10 long drivers in the world and one of the longest drivers in the world is pretty sweet.”

He added: “I’m definitely going to continue to keep doing this, and I think these guys that are bigger, better, faster, stronger than me are going to keep pushing me to go faster. I think this is going to translate over really, really well to the PGA Tour.”

Competing in the last 16, DeChambeau was drawn against reigning champion Kyle Berkshire, Martin Borgmeier and Nick Vorbeck. He posted drives of 406, 386, 403, 396 and 394 yards, with the final shot worth a victory in set five, propelling him into the next round.

After making it through to the round of eight the groups were re-seeded, with DeChambeau facing Borgmeier, James and Colton Casto. Despite registering a 391-yard effort, it wasn’t enough, with the American finishing just short.

In the final, it was Kyle Berkshire who successfully defended his title, defeating Justin James with a 422-yard drive.

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