On April 17th, Jake Paul is set to take on Ben Askren in a fight that will determine whether Paul is a real pay-per-view star or just the kind of name that compliments a Mike Tyson undercard really well. For those of you who are sick of the Pauls and the idea of social media influencers crossing over into combat sports, I got bad news for you: all metrics point towards Paul vs. Askren doing pretty wild numbers.

Would a loss to wrestling specialist and renowned pillow hands practitioner Ben Askren be enough to derail Jake Paul’s fighting career? Well, it might stop him from picking on actual fighters. But there’s a clear superfight that both Jake and his brother Logan seem to be ramping up for in the future: Paul vs. Paul.

Unsurprisingly, it’s older brother Logan who’s more pumped for the idea right now. That may be because his attempted exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather was postponed after exhibiting no interest from the masses.

“I’m a showman, so is Jake,” Logan said (via DAZN). “And we had a little rivalry on YouTube that has never been matched and I don’t believe it ever will. Our diss tracks against each other have like 300 million views, it was like we were the two brothers that despised each other online. And I think we can probably make a similar wave if Jake and I ever fought each other.”

“I’d go ahead and say Logan Paul versus Jake Paul would be one of the greatest, and biggest and highest grossing pay-per-view combat sports events of all time.”

While Jake seems a little less interested in going full freakshow with some sort of legitimacy seemingly within grasp, Logan did put him on the undercard of the Logan Paul vs. KSI event that kicked off his whole journey. So he probably feels like he owes his big brother not to leave all those guaranteed millions on the table.

“I think we’ll fight,” Jake told the Schmo back in November. “I mean, at this point, he’s talking s**t to the paparazzi! But how is this guy so confident when he hasn’t won a single f**king fight? I don’t get it! Logan would get knocked out, though … he can’t really box.”

So how real is this supposed beef between the brothers? Hey, they annoy the hell out of us, so why wouldn’t they annoy the hell out of each other enough to want a fight? Here’s the supposed story behind that diss track, which is apparently getting a second verse from Logan in the next day or two.

And we are now all stupider for having read that.

Please, please, please Ben Askren. Banish the Pauls completely and thoroughly as far away from mixed martial arts as possible. You’re our only hope!

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