As if they didn’t have enough problems, now the NSW Waratahs’ training base has been flooded.

Desperate to get back to work after losing their first four games to start a Super Rugby season for the first time, the Waratahs’ main ground in Sydney was under water on Monday.

It’s the last thing Rob Penney’s embattled side needed as they stare down the horror prospect of a winless season.

Instead the side remained indoors to review their 33-14 loss to Melbourne, while Wallabies mind coach Dave Diggle also paid them a visit.

“(Dave’s) just having a chat about preparation performance, which was really good, and the boys will do some weights and recovery and that will be it for today,” assistant coach Jason Gilmore said.

“We weren’t expecting this much rain obviously so it’s a bit of an issue.

“But it’s probably good it’s today because we’re not really on grass today anyway so it won’t affect us much today.

“Tomorrow we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully we’re at Daceyville but if we’re not we’ll have to find another venue because it’s our main training day so that will be really important that we can find grass tomorrow.”

The return of centre Izaia Perese from suspension, young Wallabies prop Angus Bell (ankle) and No.8 Will Harris is something to cheer ahead of a rematch with the unbeaten Queensland Reds on Saturday.

In his return to Australian rugby, former Reds and Brisbane Broncos NRL hopeful Perese was red-carded for a dangerous tackle on Hunter Paisami as the Reds notched a record 41-7 loss to begin the season.

“Energy, they’ll bring plenty of energy,” Gilmore said.

“Izaia is obviously super energetic, super aggressive … it’ll be great to have Belly back at the set piece and Willy Harris has probably flown under the radar.

“We’re looking at good impact (from Harris) both sides of the football.”

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