The Masters has been played at the same venue, Augusta National, since 1934. The US Masters remains an unmatched major. The Augusta challenge is a unique challenge results from the previous
competition provide an obvious signal. When you look back at the previous ten winners, you will get critical clues to predict the winners. These clues would be essential for trying
to pick a Masters Champion for the upcoming event.

The Best Players Always Win

According to statistics about previous winners, the cream always rises to the top. All the winners of the last ten championships were among the top 30. According to the trends,
eight of the last ten winners were among the top 20 world best golfers. There are usually the odd winners who defy the odds, but that rarely happens. This trend points to the fact
that this year’s winner will be one of the players in the top 30 best golfers in the world ranking.

Exceptional Recent Form Is Critical

Note that there are two counting results before the Masters. Six of the last ten Augusta National winners had won a recent tournament before the Augusta. Moreover, all the ten
winners had finished in the top five of seven of their most recent competitions. Therefore, it goes without saying that the player that will win this year’s Masters is someone that has
an excellent recent form.  According to the trends, nine of the last ten Masters winners had made the cut the previous years. Moreover, six of the last ten had already won earlier in that season.
The trends also reveal that nine of the last ten winners had posted a top 40 at the Masters.

Current Form

Trends from the last ten Masters also suggest that current form is a critical asset a player can take to Augusta. According to trends in the last ten years, all ten winners recorded a top
30 finish in one of their two starts before going to the Augusta National.

If you narrow down the focus, you will discover that nine of the last ten had a top 15 in a strokeplay tournament in the same month or the previous month of the US Masters. This is
usually the months of March and April except for 2020, when it was October/November. You can also not afford to ignore the Florida Swing form. Why is the Florida Swing
important? First, Florida shares a border with Georgia in America’s South East. Second, the nearness of the Florida Swing to The Masters gives the results in the Sunshine State extra
It was not crucial in last year’s tournament because the Florida Swing was ruined, and the Masters happened in November. Nevertheless, the Florida Swing usually provides a lot of
clues. According to the statistics, eight of the last ten Masters winners registered a top 15 on the Florida Swing earlier in that season.

Previous Masters Form

According to the previous winners’ statistics, a player’s Masters’ form seems to play a role in whether they win the championship. In the last ten competitions, two had won the
Masters previously, while six had finished in the top four in previous tournaments.  The trends also reveal that all the winners in the past ten years had finished in the top 40.
One had won it before; six posted a top ten finish at the Augusta, while all had posted a top 40 at the Augusta.
Also, the players had participated in an average of six previous Masters before winning. The trends reveal that seven out of the previous ten winners had taken part in at least
three Masters while all the ten winners had played in at least one Masters. However, none of the previous ten winners had won the Masters the previous year.

Winning Form in the USA

It is a humongous task for any player to make the US Masters the scene for their first win on American soil. It is also nearly impossible for a player to expect to be victorious at the
Augusta after failing to win in a while in the US. According to the trends, eight of the last ten winners had registered a win on US soil within the last two years. This trend would help you narrow down the list of potential winners.

Bottom Line

Based on the criteria from previous trends discussed here, who is your pick to win the 2021 Augusta National? The statistics from the last ten years make choosing a winner
easier. This is because the trends have been consistent for more than two decades. Therefore, if you check the current contenders against the criteria mentioned here, you
should settle for a winner.

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