Jon Jones was all over Twitter in the wake of Francis Ngannou’s vicious knockout of champ Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, challenging his longtime promoter to pay up for an immediate title shot he’s been linked to since making his move to heavyweight official.

Jones signaled his interest in fighting Ngannou, tweeting “let’s play baby” and “show me the money” after the new champ was crowned. But as his reactions got to UFC President Dana White, starting a conversation of sorts in real time, he grew more insistent the promotion pay up, and more irritated at White’s insinuation he didn’t want the fight, or that he would be thinking about fighting in the middleweight division after witnessing Ngannou’s devastation.

Several of Jones’ tweets were later deleted, though not before they were captured by MMA Fighting.

“What a great way to promote the fight,” he wrote on Instagram. “Let’s just sh*t on Jon Jones and make him seem afraid. How dare he ask to get paid serious money for a serious fight.”

Jones has been earmarked for a heavyweight title since relinquishing the light heavyweight title. The move came after a spat with White and the UFC over a potential fight with Ngannou.

The UFC previously tried to put together a fight between Jones and now-former champ Miocic, but a positive drug test and subsequent suspension from Jones nixed the possibility. Ngannou has welcomed a fight with Jones, but warned him not to try and cut the line for the title until he got a rematch with Miocic.

With Ngannou now holding the belt, Jones is the logical next step. But one-time title challenger Derrick Lewis was also named by White as “the fight to make” after Ngannou’s win. The two heavyweight sluggers previously fought, and Lewis won a lackluster decision.

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