One of the bizarre moments from Tyson Fury’s victory over Deontay Wilder to claim the WBC heavyweight belt came when the Gypsy King licked his opponent’s blood that was dripping down his neck.

After being controversially denied a victory in the initial bout, which ended a draw, Fury returned to America on February 22 last year to try and inflict the first defeat of Wilder’s career.

The Brit did not want to leave anything to chance and he completely changed his game plan.

Fury came out aggressive from the first bell and launched flurry after flurry of punches at Wilder.

The American’s corner threw in the towel in the seventh round.

But in the previous round Fury was so on top he decided to taste Wilder’s blood.

Explaining the strange incident to ESPN, Fury said: “Like a vampire. In the pre-fight interview, I said I wanted to taste Deontay Wilder’s blood this time.

“So I had an opportunity to do it there in round six, so I had to taste his blood just so I could get the feeling of what my prey tasted like.

“I was like a hunter that night, I was a lion and he was a gazelle. A large gazelle. And I took him down and that was it, game over…”

When it was mentioned that Fury would not have made the same decision outside of the ring, he added: “Animal instinct comes out inside the boxing ring and it’s either him or you.

“But it is weird because I’ve not noticed anyone lick anyone else’s blood before – I hope he didn’t have any germs or anything! Or else I’ve got his cooties now baby.”

Fury and Wilder had an agreement for a trilogy fight but that clause has apparently expired because 12 months have passed.

The Wythenshawe-born boxer is now hoping to unify the heavyweight division by going toe-to-toe with WBA, WBA, IBF and IBO champion Anthony Joshua this summer.

But Fury fears that his fellow countryman does not have the same appetite to make the fight happen.

“They’ve had a full year to make something happen, and it hasn’t happened as of yet,” Fury said.

“We’re no further forward today than we were a year ago.

“The way [Covid-19] is at the moment, I don’t think [it has] got much to do with the fighters. It’s to do with the venue, date, place, site fees. It’s to do with everything but the fight itself.”

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