Golf betting might not be as popular as other forms of sports betting, but the sport definitely has its followers. There are plenty of golf fans and golf sports bettors all over the world. This is enhanced by the fact that golf is one of the world’s leading participation sports.

The reality is golf bettors can be divided into two categories. On one hand, there is the enthusiastic golf bettor who religiously follows all of the major tours, tournaments, and players. These are the golf bettors who will do their handicapping and bet on golf regularly.

On the other hand, there is the occasional golf bettor. This is typically a sports bettor who mostly bets on other sports but enjoys betting on golf when special events hit the calendar. The term “special events” refers to the PGA’s “five major events,” which include:

  • The Masters
  • The PGA Championship
  • The U.S. Open
  • The Open Championship (formerly the British Open)
  • The PGA Tournament of Champions

One of the hallmarks of online bookmakers that like serving as golf bookmakers is the fact they will post special promotions to pull recreational golf bettors into the mix. When UK bookmakers do this, they are indicating that they are well aware of the fact golf bettors do exist. Furthermore, they are also indicating they know how and when golf bettors want to bet on golf tournaments.

GamStop for Problem Golf Bettors

As strange as it may seem, golf bettors are just as prone to gambling addiction as football or rugby betters. They too can get too enthusiastic about their golf betting activities until financial/emotional/family issues can arise.

As is the case for any other UK problem gambler who prefers gambling online, the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme is available for golf bettors who want or need help. Better yet, GamStop works the same for everyone regardless of which sport or sports they like to bet on.

It all starts with a UK online gambler who feels they are losing control over their online gambling activities. If they are using licensed UK online gambling operators, they probably have quick and easy access to the GamStop link.

Since GamStop is a self-exclusion program, the registration process is voluntary. UK gamblers can register for free. As part of the registration process, gamblers have to do two things. First, they have to provide the personal information that the GamStop database will use to identify them. That includes information like legal name, home address, email addresses, and phone numbers.

The second thing they have to provide is the length of time they want their self-exclusion to last. There are three choices ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

After completing and submitting the registration application, the self-exclusion becomes active. Any attempts a GamStop registered gambler tries to make to access a UK online gambling site will be blocked.

Of course, nothing is full-proof. GamStop works very well, but it only applies to licensed UK operators. In a world filled with online gambling options, there are plenty of ways around GamStop.

Are There Any Golf Bookmakers Outside GamStop?

Yes, there are plenty of golf bookmakers that have no association with the GamStop scheme. Some of them are in the UK, and some are operating in other jurisdictions.

From within the country, golf bettors can bet on sports sites that aren’t on GamStop in the UK. They might have to endure a little extra risk that goes with using an unlicensed operator, but many of these operators are reputable, responsible, and fair. Also, golf bettors in the UK always have the option of visiting retail betting shops that are located all over the nation.

For golf bettors who are willing to use offshore sportsbooks, there are lots of quality online bookmakers taking golf bets in other countries under the control of other regulators. These offshore bookmakers offer many of the same betting markets, betting options, and odds. The only two caveats that come with using an offshore betting site have to do with connectivity and banking.

While foreign bookmakers tend to be quite welcoming towards UK bettors, they don’t always make it easy for UK bettors to connect to their websites. However, they do recommend that UK bettors use a reliable VPN to get around any adverse connectivity protocols.

As for banking, offshore operators can be a little fickle about accepting deposits from UK players. That fickleness tends to point towards debit/credit cards and some eWallet options. With that said, most UK online gamblers will be able to find a banking option that meets their specific needs. With a VPN and acceptable banking option, offshore bookmakers make for a great way around GamStop for golf bettors.

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