Aaron Rodgers got engaged to fiancee Shailene Woodley months after breaking up with Danica Patrick. Rodgers and Patrick dated for around two years before breaking up last summer. It would be natural to figure Patrick would be bothered by Rodgers’ engagement and be asking what she did wrong to not receive a proposal. But she reportedly is not feeling that way.

Hollywood Life published a story on Monday about how Rodgers’ ex-girlfriends are feeling about his engagement. They say that Olivia Munn, whom Rodgers dated prior to Patrick, doesn’t think twice about the Green Bay Packers quarterback anymore. She reportedly could not care less about him or his engagement.

Patrick dated Rodgers much more recently, so her mentality is likely to be different from Munn’s.

A source told Hollywood Life that Patrick “has moved on” from Rodgers.

Hollywood Life was told that Patrick was in love with Rodgers and wanted to start a family.

“She wanted to get married. That didn’t happen. She has grieved about it, but Danica is a tremendously tough woman, and dealing with Aaron is not a part of her future, so she has decided to avoid thinking about him. She is letting the past be the past,” the source said.

Again, these are quotes from a reported source, so they are not necessarily an exact reflection of how Patrick feels. But the explanations seem reasonable.

Patrick, 38, now has dating standards that are said to be off the charts since breaking up with Rodgers. She also hasn’t sparred with trolls regarding the breakup for a while.

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