A NASCAR pit crew member was nearly run over during the Brickyard 400.

The NASCAR world nearly had a total disaster in Indianapolis on Sunday.

During the running of the 2020 Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we got a rare collision and proceeding pileup on pit road. It was right at the entrance at pit row, so it only added to the ensuing chaos. While it wasn’t a high speed crash, it almost was a lethal one as a pit crew member was nearly run over by a car.

Pit crew member Zach Price was almost sandwiched between his teammate Ryan Blaney’s No. 12 car and two cars trying to get out of the way on pit road. Price was fortunate to be able to scurry out of the way after nearly being squashed between two cars. He will be okay, as he was able to get to pit row on his own accord before something even more frightening could have happened.

Ryan Blaney’s team nearly lost a crew member due to recklessness in pit row.

If there is any positive outlook on this shameless pileup on pit road, it is that it was on pit road and not on the track. Though Price obviously wouldn’t have been out there on the track, thankfully, the cars weren’t moving fast enough to completely run him over and surely kill him. For there to be a pileup at the mouth of pit road, how does that even happen and why was it that congested?

NASCAR may be one of the first sports back, but that was almost a total disaster. There must protocols in place to avoid this sort of thing. The two drivers that nearly ran Price over should be suspended for their incompetence behind the wheel of a car. Did any one have eyes on this? Even though Price’s live was spared, was a terrible look for NASCAR. Take better care of your own.

Blaney and his crew should get on these reckless NASCAR drivers over what happened Sunday.

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