Two NASCAR drivers exchanged punches Saturday after the Xfinity Series race in Atlanta. 

There was some NASCAR drama Saturday for fans taking in the Xfinity Series race in Atlanta. Daniel Hemric and Noah Gragson were at the center of it all due to a fender bender in pit road that did not go over well.

Gragson was conducting a live interview when Hemric showed up ready to fight.

A NASCAR brawl in Atlanta

There is a lot of context to this situation, but the fight itself is still so surreal. In what other sports do fights break out during a live interview? WWE is the only one that comes to mind.

Hemric was not happy about Gragson backing up into him while the two were on pit road. This fender bender was not exactly a simple one, as Hemric had a hole put in the front of his car. Hemric explained the situation more following the fight.

Gragson apparently retaliated on pit road because Hemric had to go into his pit box earlier in the race to get into his own.

Gragson appears to be way out of line in this situation as he put Hemric’s crew members at risk. Someone could have gotten seriously injured because of immaturity from the driver. However, NASCAR’s social media team is ready for fans to pick a side.

Luckily, no one got seriously hurt from this. Punches were thrown and now everyone will wait to see if NASCAR punishes Gragson for his actions. Hemric could even face punishment for starting this brawl.

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